Key activities


• development of design and working documentation for roads and engineering structures;

• engineering surveys and cadastral work;

• pre-project planning;

• field supervision and consulting services.


Development of design and working documentation


Engineers of Institute Novgorodstroyproekt JSC have acquired solid experience in the design of

highways of various categories — in different climatic and seismic environment. The institute’s

experience is in demand when designing the most complex objects of road infrastructure in Russia,

including the latest projects with strategic role for the regions and are important for their people,

such as Moscow-St. Petersburg M-11 Highway.

When developing the project documentation, requirements for ensuring reliability of structures, safety

of traffic and pedestrians are met. A set of measures for the protection of the environment are also provided.


Engineering survey and cadastral work


Institute Novgorodstroyproekt JSC provides:

• engineering and geodesic surveys;

• engineering-geological surveys (subcontracting reliable partners);

• environmental surveys;

• hydrometeorological surveys.

The enterprise also performs a wide range of cadastral works:

• development of land use plans and area demarcation plans;

• preparation of land plots layout;

• land surveying;

• document follow-up for registration of real estate units in the State cadastral records;

• development of land restoration projects.


Pre-project planning


Institute Novgorodstroyproekt JSC provides:

• development of alternate layouts of future transport infrastructure facilities, including draft design and visual representations;

• feasibility studies for the construction of future roads or justification of investments;

• initial permitting documentation;

• preliminary engineering surveys;

• town-planning verifications for urban highways location.


Field supervision and consulting services


Institute Novgorodstroyproekt JSC provides consulting services for design

and construction of roads and artificial structures at all stages of design and

survey work, and also supervises the site in order to ensure compliance of

the construction works with the approved design and working documentation.

Key activities
Development of design
and working documentation
Engineering survey
and cadastral work
Development of pre-project
Field supervision
and consulting services


Founded in 2006, Institute Novgorodstroyproekt JSC is one of the leading road designing enterprises of the North-West of Russia. Throughout its existence Novgorodstroyproekt has worked to gain a lot of experience in the sphere of road design; participated in such large-scale projects as the construction of the toll road Moscow-St. Petersburg M-11 Highway (in the Moscow, Novgorod, Tver regions), the construction of the Central Ring Road in the Moscow region, the construction and reconstruction of the federal-aid road “Tavrida” in the Republic Crimea (Kerch-Simferopol-Sevastopol), major repairs of the M-9 “Baltia” highway (known as Baltic Highway), reconstruction of the M-8 “Kholmogory” (road that links Moscow to the Russian North in general and the sea harbour of Arkhangelsk in particular), major repairs and reconstruction of the M-10 “Russia” highway (connecting Moscow and Saint-Petersburg), construction of the Western High-Speed Diameter in St. Petersburg, Saint Petersburg Ring Road.

Novgorodstroyproekt has a lot of projects of regional importance behind it, mainly those in the Leningrad, Tver, Novgorod, Pskov regions, Arkhangelsk, Novosibirsk. Also in 2012-2014 years the enterprise has worked out the documentation for construction of highways in the Republic of Turkmenistan.

High-quality road design services are rendered by our engineers within a short time on the basis of the high level of skills of the staff, as well as of up-to-date software and hardware.


Reconstruction of Alexander Nevsky bridge in Veliky Novgorod


Traffic centre “Rozvazha street - Alexander Nevsky bridge – Fedorovsky Ruchei street” plays an important role in transport system of Veliky Novgorod, providing a link between St. Sophia and Trade sides and travel into the city centre from Moscow.


Current projects
Construction of Central Ring Road in Moscow region (to be subsequently operated on a fee basis). Start-up complex (construction stage) №5 (PK 19+13, 9...
Moscow region
Central Ring Road
Construction of the Multilevel Crossing at the Intersection of Smolny Buyan Street and Obvodny Canal Ave in the Municipal Unit City of Arkhangelsk Loc...
Arkhangelsk region
Construction of a transport interchange in the city of Arkhangelsk