Traffic centre “Rozvazha street - Alexander Nevsky bridge – Fedorovsky Ruchei street” plays an important role in transport system of Veliky Novgorod, providing a link between St. Sophia and Trade sides and travel into the city centre from Moscow.


The present bridge has 2 lanes. The width of the strips is about 5 m, which is more than standard width of 3.5 m. Vehicles drive side by side within a lane causing a disastrous effect on traffic safety.

At rush hour traffic is blocked due to the insufficient number of lanes on the bridge and on the approaches to it.

The widening of the bridge, Rozvazha street, Fedorovsky Ruchei street and reconstruction of intersections Bolshaya Moskovskaya street – Fedorovsky Ruchei street and Rozvazha street – Velikaya street will improve the transport situation in this area of the road network.

On the bridge itself and the approaches 6 lanes 3.5 m wide, two safety strips 1 m wide, a central reserve 1 m wide and two sidewalks 3 m wide are envisaged. Increasing of the number of lanes up to 4 on Velikaya street is required as well.

Arrangement of underground pedestrian crossings at the intersection of Rozvazha street- Velikaya street and elimination of ground pedestrian crossing near the Registration Office will ensure the safety of pedestrians.

Widening of the bridge is expected due to the broadening of supports and superstructure. Widening of the approaches to the bridge is possible due to slope space when arranging vertical retaining walls. This design will make it possible not to occupy more territory for the widened part, but will provide place for an additional parking lot (approximately for 80 cars) near the former factory “Planeta” and spare the space for lawns, trees and walking paths.

Widening of bridge extensions on Rozvazha street and Fedorovsky Ruchei street will require a shift of sidewalks and reducing of lawns, as well as alienation of some park territory.

In general, according to our plan today's architectural aspect of the bridge, Soviet constructivism style, traditional for last mid-century and revered even in Western countries, must be preserved. It is essential to keep the stelae with stair approaches on the right bank abutment, the vases on the left, and to envisage granite facing of supports and backwalls.